To My Fans…I Mean, Listeners

Fan or fanatic “a person who is enthusiastically devoted to somebody or some thing”

Listener “a person who listens in an attentive manner”

After making a more concentrated effort to connect with music industry people on Twitter, I’m often seeing references to music “fans”. There is no shortage of businesses telling you how to build a fan base, reward your fans and engage with them. To be honest, I’ve never thought in terms of fans. It feels very foreign to me. I’ve always viewed them as the definition above suggests. Instead, I prefer the term, listeners. I see a listener as someone who would focus more on the musical details and craft and less on image, clothing, hair and accessories. Though I know all of you can’t take your eyes off my gorgeous, new silver locks, my craft is composing music. And as far as music goes, I am truly a fan of no one. I am a listener. There are a great many people that I highly respect and admire (living and dead), for their abilities and creations in the world of music. Maybe these recent occurrences will help to illustrate:

Example A

Walking in a local park last week with my purple cap, I was taken aback by the shouts of “Gah-omes!” “Gah-omes!”.

Example B

Another person sent me this pic of her chilling out with my EP, The Sand in My Shoes, anxiously awaiting my new album, The Tropical Dream.

Personally, I would much rather interact with Example B. This is how I think of all of you. Some of you have been with me a long time and I’m thankful for your continued presence. I know that one of you (thanks, J!), even uses my music to help children in school with visualization. It’s amazing what she tells me they “see” after hearing some of my work! It’s also very gratifying.

So, thank you for being great listeners. And the next time we meet, please do not scream to get my attention.


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