*Guyanese heritage

*studied classical guitar/composition at the University of Ottawa & graduated with an Honours degree

*taught rock and classical guitar for many years

*played in several rock bands and performed regularly in a flute/classical guitar duo

*was an elementary school teacher for 26 years

*began by mostly writing songs for others to perform

*released many self-penned, home demo projects

*starting 2006, released three albums in the singer-songwriter/pop/folk-rock genres

*2012--switched genres into mostly guitar-based, evocative, instrumental music (smooth jazz) with the release of SHH.

*2014’s instrumental release, THE SAND IN MY SHOES, I began using elements of Caribbean music I had grown up with

*2015’s instrumental EP release, BLUE.GREEN.AQUAMARINE. continued this newly forged path

*2018's THE TROPICAL DREAM--concept album detailing a tropical vacation, written while recovering from a back injury

*2019 released an instrumental single, RUMJARO 360, combining elements of rumba, jazz and rock

*2022 released two piano-based singles, ELEGY (ballad) and STEEN'S REVERIE (jazz)

*2023 released an animation video set to an unusual prog-ish rock soundtrack called, DARK RIDERS

*2024 released a lively and fun mambo/rock tune called, EEZA GOMES

I am a registered member of SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada).