I Know Where This is Going

At this time of year in Canada, I’m reminded of the beauty of the fall season. This period of change has been written about, sung about, photographed, painted and rendered in so many artistic forms. Even back when I was writing songs, I wrote, “A Pile of Leaves” from my album “Loose Ends”. It detailed the memories of jumping into mounds of leaves from a high perch. It was something so vivid.

What makes the autumn so entrancing, I think, is its brevity. As Canadians, we enjoy it for a brief period because we know what’s coming next. Now, I know some people love the winter season. They wholeheartedly embrace it and take part in every conceivable activity that the powdery stuff allows. For me, it represents a dormancy or hibernation. It’s a great time for composing music and I always find it productive, more than any other time of the year. It’s a time when I enjoy looking out the window and then looking inwards.

This is why my new album, The Tropical Dream, has such resonance for me, and hopefully for you too. It is escapist and evocative. Many of us enjoy dreaming about getting away when the snow flies—and the warmer, the better. As I approach the culmination of this project and revel in the autumn, I feel secure in knowing that I’m more or less prepared for the impending winter. Are you? If not, be sure to watch my video for The Tropical Dream. It just might shield you from the cold.


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