Various Reviews

October 16, 2019 FYI Music News (Kerry Doole)
"Colder temps are upon us, but if you need a warm and sunny vibe, check out Rumjaro 360, a new instrumental cut from Ottawa composer Terry Gomes. Built around trumpet, and guitar, the tune fuses rumba clave, jazz and rock elements, to pleasing effect."

October 25, 2019 Cashbox Canada (Lenny Stoute)
"Ottawa genre jumper composer Terry Gomes has a new instrumental single that references Latin jazz with trumpet and guitar in lead roles, just enough percussion and zero cowbell."

January 5, 2018 The Daily Vault (Jason Warburg)
"The Tropical Dream features a rich mélange of influences...In embracing his musical heritage, Gomes has located a natural groove for his music that’s immensely appealing."

January 24, 2018 Top 100 Canadian Singles (Bob Mersereau)
"It's very gentle for the most part and also very soothing, something to take you somewhere warm in the winter, or somewhere healing, just as it was intended."

January 30, 2018 The Whole Note Magazine (David Olds--Editor's Corner)
"...lifted my spirits and kept me grooving through the bitterly cold days of early January...I for one was happy to be on board with Gomes on this island cruise."

October 3, 2015 The Daily Vault (Benjamin Ray)
"Gomes’ music is full of joy, major chords and positivity radiating through each note... which makes the more serious songs stand out that much more."

October 29, 2015 The Smooth Jazz Ride (Ronald Jackson)

"These five original compositions are loaded with the exuberance, excitement, and exoticism that have clearly become his calling card."

September 2, 2014 Exclaim! (Ryan B. Patrick)
”Breezy and bursting with artistry…the five-track EP delivers well-crafted instrumental vibes with notes of Brazilian, Cuban and Calypso music.”

 September, 2014 Cashbox Canada (James Lizzard)
"The production is clean and shows the experience of great musicians. “Look Alive" opens up the EP, and is a timeless song. "Tradewinds" is truly the jewel on the recording; for anyone who has walked the beach watching a Caribbean sunset, this is it.”

May 20, 2013 Misfit City (Dann Chinn)
"Terry presents original engaging pieces with clear straightforward hooks to hum along with and meticulous, perky arrangements. Every lick and fill is nicely honed, with the scope, rhythms and harmonic sophistication of jazz..."

July 6, 2013 The Daily Vault (Benjamin Ray)
“His music encompasses a variety of styles that fit Gomes' many influences...proof that Gomes cares about his craft and showcasing his considerable range.”