This EP was meant to expand on the music from my previous recording, The Sand in My Shoes. I also saw it as an opportunity to self-borrow material from older songs of mine that I felt didn’t get their due. As a result, there are only two pieces on this EP that were written from scratch. A big highlight for me was working with Brian Browne on track 5. He was a joy to work with and an amazing talent. I tried my best to stay out of the guitar spotlight and let his piano work speak. This project also marked enjoyable reunions with two classical guitar student friends (Dave Milliken and Al Morier) from my days at the University of Ottawa. They did a great job! Although I am pleased with this recording, it certainly didn’t catch on with listeners as The Sand in My Shoes did. Possibly because it was more complex and less repetitious. I really don’t know. The title comes from the various “colours” expressed in the music. 

1.) Then She Danced


This piece is a modified version of an older song and an instrumental I had recorded previously on Gomesongs Side B called, Socantina. It is a much more layered and complex arrangement than the previous pieces. It also marks my first acoustic guitar solo on a recording. Al Morier joins me on rhythm guitar.


2.) Never Been Better


Using a laid-back bossa groove, the music represents how I felt at that moment. Not much else to say about it.  


3.) Quittin’ Time


I wrote this when I was in the process of retiring from teaching elementary school after 26 years. I think it captures the multitude of feelings I was experiencing including excitement, apprehension and sadness. Dave Milliken joins me on rhythm guitar.


4.) Oh, It’s You


This was another reworked song with lyrics I had. I expanded it to include saxophone and added an extended guitar solo at the end. The title of this piece is an acknowledgement but also suggests a disappointment at
seeing someone again. Note the lack of exclamation mark. Dave Milliken again backs me up on rhythm guitar.

5.) Not What I Thought It Would Be


Old music of mine from 25 years prior. At the time it was called Yesterday's Blues. I brought it back to life as I felt it deserved a place on this EP. Originally it was only 1:30 long. I wrote a new section to expand it. It was originally just for guitar but I thought a jazz pianist would do wonders with it. I was right! Luck would have it that the late, great, Canadian jazz pianist Brian Browne agreed to play on it. He did an amazing job and I was thrilled with the results! Again, the title comes from ambivalent feelings related to my retirement from teaching. Clearly, this EP marked a very transitional time in my life.