Gomesongs Side B

by Terry Gomes

Released 2007
Released 2007
A melodic and memorable collection of folk-rock, pop, country with a surprise or two.
.....a nice variety of ballads and up tempo tunes, leaning more toward adult contemporary but also venturing into mainstream country….He’s a heckofa guitar player too…hope shines brightly on “I Dream of Boats”….the imagery really tells the story well. I love the arrangement too, not too cluttered and featuring his lovely acoustic guitar work....Another standout cut is “Socantina,” the only instrumental here, and it features a beautiful Latin-flavored acoustic guitar and earthy hand percussion….this would be great background music for a TV show or movie….Gomes is great when he relaxes and does what he knows best….great acoustic guitar work and tender imagery….

Jamie Anderson - Indie-Music.com (Apr 5, 2008)


Terry Gomes--All guitars, bass, banjo ukulele, vocals on Hey Sweet Shirley
Roy Nichol-All drums and percussion
Terry Tufts-Vocals on Something Changed That Night
Dan Rogers-Vocals on Fish Tracks, If I Could Tell You and Dirty Job
Tammy McCrae-Vocals on Lonely Together, I Dream of Boats and Say it Again
Al Dagenais-Vocals on I've Got Your Name On Me
Jennifer Dahl-Vocals on Tell It To Me Straight



Terry Gomes




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