Gomesongs Side A

by Terry Gomes

Released 2006
Released 2006
Folk-rock, pop and country with a musical surprise or two. Catchy, melodic guitar-based tunes and lyrics that linger in the mind. Often humorous, often introspective, but always with a human touch.
I’ll say this much: it’s hard not to like Terry Gomes….This compilation encompasses a variety of styles that fit Gomes’ many influences…proof that Gomes cares about his craft…. and showcasing Gomes’ considerable range. “Seafoam Green” sounds like a little campfire ditty and “Now Is The Time” is a blend of folk and Paul Simon…the downbeat style of “Fine,” brings to mind that other famous Canadian band, the Barenaked Ladies…“My Own Little World” is a nagging ditty that will get stuck in your head. "Teenager” is an interesting look back at an adolescence that never happened but is happening now. The fun thing about a disc like this is the element of surprise…

Benjamin Ray - The Daily Vault (Apr 4, 2008)

"Gomesongs Side A is a delight. From the first guitar lick to the last note, this project is well-polished and brought a smile to my face."


"His music is sincere rock ‘n’ roll with passionate asides and very excellent melodies that recall Paul Simon."



Terry Gomes-All guitars, bass, banjo ukulele, vocals on Leyanna and Now is the Time
Roy Nichol-All drums and percussion
Terry Tufts-Vocals on She's Half His Age, Fine and Sea Foam Green
Al Dagenais-Vocals on Teenager and My Own Little World
Tammy McCrae-Vocals on Room in My Heart
Jennifer Dahl-Vocals on The Return of Johnny Heart and Real Good Time



Terry Gomes




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