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Saying it with Music Alone

Back around 2010, I reached a point of saturation. I was so bored of being one of the multitudes of singer/songwriters and pop/rock acts that I needed a change. I did write some songs I am proud of and I did have fun “playing” with words as this paranoia quote illustrates:

“I don’t always hear what you say when you say it,   
it’s what you don’t say I always hear.”

(What You Don’t Say © 2009 Terry Gomes)

However, I decided I needed to go back to my first love—instrumental music. It was the first music I heard as a child and it was what I was writing when I studied composition. Now, by this I wasn’t thinking of improvised jazz, piano drones with birds tweeting in the background, contemporary orchestral music or EDM. I had no interest in any of them. Instead, I wanted to write concise, memorable pieces that had a sense of direction. I wanted them to be carefully written, not winged off the cuff. Much the way many of “wigged” composers approached their craft. I also knew that the type of audience that would or could appreciate it, would change.

I initially experimented with other genres, some of which are not easily categorized. I referred to them as cinematic as their influences often came from TV and movie scores. However, my earliest musical predilections tended to veer towards Latin, Caribbean and Smooth jazz. I eventually settled into what I call evocative “tropical” music for want of a better term. It’s a big enough umbrella to include fusions of a wide variety of styles/genres into something simply reminiscent of a warm climate. This is where I am today.

What I do will never be immensely popular. Then again, I've never aspired to be a commercial writer. So far, it’s worked out very well and I haven’t missed lyric writing. I’m happy to be doing my small part in bringing back instrumental music to the foreground. Would I ever go back to lyric writing? I don’t know. However, I don’t see any point in closing a door that’s not letting in a draft.



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Jan. 13, 2019

Pleased to announce that my album made the top 50 albums of 2018 at CKCU. I'm sure it was the only instrumental album on the list!

CD copies of The Tropical Dream are available in Ottawa at Sunrise Records in Bayshore and St. Laurent Shopping Centres and at Moonstones Gallery and Marketplace 416 Donald B. Munro Dr., in Carp.


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