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New Session, New Tune


Finally back in the studio to record a new tune of mine. Had a great time at Audio Valley with
Steve Foley. Band members included myself, Ed Lister (Trumpet), Jeff Asselin (Drums) and
Alex Mastronardi (Bass). This tune will be used in a September video. A pic from the session.

Do You Know Who You Sound Like?


Yesterday, I picked up the files for The Tropical Dream from my mastering engineer. We were speaking about some of the promotional work I’ve been completing and he remarked that he didn’t know anyone else doing what I was doing musically.

Inspiration: AKA Where Do They Come From?


Composers are often asked what inspires them. I thought this week’s blog might be a good time to ask myself this question.

Video Killed the Radio Star…and Nearly Killed Me


Back in early 2017, I had a problem. I needed to come up with a video that I could use to promote, The Tropical Dream...

To My Fans…I Mean, Listeners


Fan or fanatic “a person who is enthusiastically devoted to somebody or some thing”

Listener “a person who listens in an attentive manner”

Saying it with Music Alone


Back around 2010, I reached a point of saturation. I was so bored of being one of the multitudes of singer/songwriters and pop/rock acts that I needed a change.

I Know Where This is Going


At this time of year in Canada, I’m reminded of the beauty of the fall season...

Tropical Adventures and The Purple Balloons


As a child, I travelled quite a bit to the Caribbean and to Florida with my family. I have great memories of those trips as it always seemed like an exciting adventure...

On Songwriting: Task Avoidance Times Two


Nowadays, I write instrumental music. I enjoy the challenges and flexibility it allows. However, when I was writing lyrics, there were two things I always tried to avoid because I saw them as impairments—even in hit songs! See if you agree.

It usually is a Tropical Dream…


Even though my musical focus is to evoke a tropical oasis where things are idyllic and peaceful, recent and occurring events have reminded me of just how vulnerable these places can be...



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